A Dream Called Nishka


Every woman’s life is filled with many milestones. Nishka was born out of a dream to celebrate life’s occasions and with a vision to transform every special moment in a woman's life into a timeless treasure. Whether it is the joy of love, the celebration of milestones, or the pursuit of dreams, these precious experiences deserve to be treasured in the form of an exquisite piece of jewellery. That dream is now a reality…


Samantha Ruth Prabhu

I am honoured to be associated with Nishka Momentous Jewellery, a brand that embodies the art of preserving moments in the form of exquisite jewellery.

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The celebrated Indian actress is known for her lively personality and individualistic expression. She is someone unafraid to take a bold stance and lives up to her values. As the face of the brand, her qualities perfectly align with Nishka’s brand ethos.

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Every piece is a testament to cratsmanship and love, much like the cherished moments we create in our lives. I am excited to be part of this new journey.

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“We are not in the jewellery business; we exist to transform special moments into timeless treasures.”



The Morickap Group is a dynamic and innovative conglomerate from South India that has a strong presence in multiple geographies and operates across various business verticals, including hospitality, real estate, and jewelry. Driven by a passion for excellence in every endeavor, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality services and products that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Equally for our investors, prompt returns and asset-backed investments make the Morickap Group a profitable long-term investment avenue. Backed by hands-on experience in the jewellery and hospitality industry for 17 years, Morickap now ventures beyond the boundaries and enters the City of Gold, Dubai into the branded jewellery retail space

The launch of the flagship store in Karama Centre, Dubai marks the beginning of many such ambitious growth plans of the Morickap Group.


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